Rhesus incompatibility

Rhesus incompatibility - • Build up of destructed RBCs in...

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Rhesus incompatibility IgG antibodies produced by the maternal immune system have the potential to attack the Rh D antigen produced by the foetus. Symptoms Rh incompatibility can cause symptoms ranging from very mild to deadly. In its mildest form, Rh incompatibility causes the destruction of red blood cells. After birth, the infant may have: Yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes (jaundice) Low muscle tone (hypotonia) and lethargy Causes Pathophysiology: B lymphocytes are activated by exposure of an Rh D – mother to Rh D + foetal red blood cells. Destruction of foetal erythrocytes (by maternal IgG that are able to cross the placenta)
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Unformatted text preview: • Build up of destructed RBCs in the foetal spleen If left untreated: progressive foetal anaemia ---- hydrops fetalis (fluid in serous compartments) ---- death Epidemiology 16% of the population is RhD negative (75% of whom have Rh positive babies) – UK data Diagnosis • Maternal blood type and paternal blood type (Rh + father with an Rh - mother creates blood group incompatibility) • Doppler echo of foetal middle cerebral artery (MCA) ( predict anaemia in the foetus) • If indicated, U/S can detect is there is any fluid in serous cavities of foetus (hydrops fetalis)...
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Rhesus incompatibility - • Build up of destructed RBCs in...

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