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Rickets - treatment calcium& vitamin D supplement&...

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Rickets: similar disorder in children - symptoms: bowed legs; deformities of pelvis, skull & rib cage; ends of long bones often enlarged - cause & treatment: same as osteomalacia Osteoporosis: bone resorption outpaces bone deposit - normal bone matrix composition, but bone mass is reduced & bones are porous - causes: many, including hormonal deficiencies (especially steroid hormone deficiency due to decline in old age), insufficient exercise, poor diet,...
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Unformatted text preview: ..- treatment: calcium & vitamin D supplement, & hormone replacement therapy (HRT) Paget's disease: excessive bone formation & breakdown- Pagetic bone : abnormally high ratio of spongy bone to compact bone- symptoms: progressive weakening & deformity of bones (esp. spine, pelvis, femur & skull)- cause: unknown, may be viral- treatment: calcitonin & drug therapy to prevent bone breakdown...
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