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Roseola infantum - body temperature o Convulsions are rare...

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Roseola infantum Roseola Infantum, also known as Exanthema subitum, is a herpes viral infection, which typically affects children under the age of two. Symptoms The symptoms of Roseola Infantum typically occur a week or so after the initial infection. Symptoms may include:- High fever o This is usually the first sign of the condition and lasts three to four days o Fever is often up to 40 ° C but unlike in other infections where a sore throat, runny nose or ear ache may accompany the fever, in Roseola Infantum the child is usually well Rash o A rash typically appears after three to four days of high fever and is made up of many minute pink or red macules o In areas the rash may be raised but will blanch under pressure o Unlike many rashes the rash of Roseola Infantum is not itchy Convulsions o During the fever the child may have a convulsion (a response to the rapid increase in
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Unformatted text preview: body temperature) o Convulsions are rare and are typically not serious • Other symptoms may include:-o Diarrhoea o Mild dry cough Causes Roseola Infantum is caused by two human herpes viruses, HHV-6 (Human Herpesvirus Six) and HHV-7, which are sometimes referred to collectively as Roseolovirus. These viruses are spread by close contact between children; it is likely the virus is transmitted in the mucus secretions of the upper gastrointestinal and respiratory tract. Epidemiology Roseola Infantum is a disease which affects infants all over the world. Incidence is highest in the spring and autumn. It is estimated that the condition affect a third of all children and is usually only a mild illness....
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Roseola infantum - body temperature o Convulsions are rare...

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