Schizophrenia Causes

Schizophrenia Causes - o Cannabis is associated with a...

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Schizophrenia Causes The precise cause of Schizophrenia is unknown, but it appears that a combination of factors may be responsible. These include:- Genetic o There appears to be a hereditary component to schizophrenia, if one parent has the disorder the chances of the condition developing the condition increases to 12%. The risk rises to 40% if both parents are affected Environmental o Stressful life event have been linked to the condition o Living in an urban environment appears to double or treble risk compared to rural living o Social isolation also increases risk as does immigration Substance abuse o A number of drugs have been linked to schizophrenia including cannabis, cocaine and amphetamines o The role of cannabis could be causal, but other drugs may be used only as coping mechanisms to deal with depression, anxiety, boredom, and loneliness
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Unformatted text preview: o Cannabis is associated with a dose-dependent increase in the risk of developing a psychotic disorder Prenatal o Factors such as hypoxia and infection, or stress and malnutrition in the mother during foetal development, may result in a slight increase in the risk of schizophrenia later in life Epidemiology Schizophrenia affects around 0.30.7% of people at some point in their life. It occurs 1.4 times more frequently in men than women and typically appears earlier in menthe peak ages of onset are 2028 years for men and 2632 years for women. Onset in childhood is much rarer, as is onset in middle- or old age. Despite the received wisdom that schizophrenia occurs at similar rates worldwide, its prevalence varies across the world, within countries, and at the local and neighbourhood level....
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Schizophrenia Causes - o Cannabis is associated with a...

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