Self har1 - and other psychiatric illnesses where suicide...

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ICD-10 classifies Deliberate Self harm and Suicide under X.60-84. Deliberate self harm can be defined as “Intentional non-fatal harm e.g. overdose, self-poisoning or self injury, with or without the intended outcome to be suicide”. Suicide is defined as “Intentional self inflicted death” Aetiology of deliberate self harm Socio-demographic Factors Incidence 2-3/1000 per year Female>Male Age <35 Social class V Single, divorced Common in the following Psychiatric conditions Borderline personality disorders Personality trait of impulsivity Depression Schizophrenia Aetiology of suicide Sociological Factors 1. Durkheim’s Social model of social disintegration leading to social isolation and in turn depression
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Unformatted text preview: and other psychiatric illnesses where suicide has higher prevalence 2. Availability of means i.e. it is easier for a farmer, who has access to firearms, to be successful in a suicide attempt. Also it has become harder for people to attempt suicide via paracetamol OD since the introduction of smaller packet sizes Psychiatric Illness • 15% of people with a Major Depressive Disorder commit suicide • 10% of people with Schizophrenia commit suicide • 3-4% of people with alcohol dependency commit suicide • Rates are also increased in people with: Borderline personality disorder Substance misuse disorders A family history of suicide Chronic and painful illnesses...
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Self har1 - and other psychiatric illnesses where suicide...

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