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Self harm - Acting to gain help • Did you contact anybody...

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Self harm & suicide Risk factors Sex – females are more likely to attempt suicide but males are more likely to be successful. Age Depression Previous attempts Ethanol abuse Rational thought lost Social isolation Organised plan No pastimes Sickness Important areas to assess in a patient Ask about the situation/reason why they attempted to commit suicide. Tell me about the events which lead up to being brought into hospital Premeditation How long have you been having these thoughts? Stated intent Did you want end your life? Isolation Was anybody else in the house at the time? Timing Did you plan to do it at a time when you knew you would/wouldn’t be found?
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Unformatted text preview: Acting to gain help • Did you contact anybody just after you had . ...... ? If not how did you end up being found? Precautions against rescue • Did you take any steps to make sure you weren’t found? Such as locking the front door? Suicide note • Did you leave a note? Final acts • Did you draw up a will or take all your money out of the bank? Lethality • Did you believe that taking x number of tablets, or cutting yourself there would end your life? Reaction to act • How do you feel about being alive now? Future plans • Do you have any plans to end your life at some point in the future?...
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