somatosensory association cortex

somatosensory association cortex - somatosensory...

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somatosensory association cortex: posterior to primary somatosensory cortex integrates sensory inputs (temp., pressure…) relayed to it by primary somatosensory cortex o visual areas: primary visual (striate) cortex: receives visual information from retinas visual association area: surrounds primary visual area in occipital lobe interprets visual stimuli using past visual experiences o auditory areas: primary auditory cortex: temporal lobe next to lateral sulcus auditory association area : posterior to primary auditory cortex o olfactory (smell) cortex: temporal lobes part of “rhinencephalon”; conscious awareness of odors o gustatory (taste) cortex: parietal lobe just deep to temporal lobe perception of taste stimuli o vestibular (equilibrium) cortex: posterior region of insula deep to temporal lobe
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somatosensory association cortex - somatosensory...

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