Sports Medicine - Chest Feel the boney prominenses for...

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Sports Medicine - Trauma Pitch Side Secondary survey The secondary survey is the next part of the pre-hospital assessment of the athlete after the initial life or limb threatening have been assessed and treated. This involves a head-to-toe assessment for lacerations, swellings, fractures or dislocations. It is important to stress that the ABCDE should be continually assessed throughout this process. Head Treat any scalp lacerations on the pitch side as these can cause a large amount of blood loss Look for any obvious facial injuries. Bony prominences should be palpated for steps or tenderness. He nose and ear should be thoroughly examined for watery blood which could indicate CSF fluid. Reasses eyes for pupillary defects and neurological deficits
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Unformatted text preview: Chest Feel the boney prominenses for fractures Check fir tracheal deviation or collapsed lungs with percussion and auscultation Abdomen Inspection and palpation of the abdomen for wounds, tenderness and guarding. Any open wounds should be covered with cling film Pelvis Stability of the pelvis should be evaluated at this stage by gently squeezing the iliac spines Limbs Assess all 4 limbs All fractures should be realigned at pitch side. It is not recommended to reduce the fracture on site. Make sure to check the neurovascular status before and after splinting. Conclusions Consider medication or analgesics. Write adequate notes. Transfer the patient as soon as possible....
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Sports Medicine - Chest Feel the boney prominenses for...

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