structure of the eyeball

structure of the eyeball - photoreceptors: rods & cones...

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structure of the eyeball fibrous tunic: dense, avascular CT; 2 regions: o sclera: white of eye o cornea: anterior 1/6 of fibrous tunic; transparent CT corneal epithelium: 2layers… stratified squamous epithelium on outside with deep simple squamous epithelial tissue vascular tunic (uvea): 3 regions: o choroid: highly vascular dark brown membrane; blood vessels supply nutrients to all tunics o ciliary body: contains smooth muscle bundles (ciliary muscles) that control lens shape o iris: lies between cornea & lens; has round central opening called pupil pupil opens & closes to control light entry into eye; controlled by smooth muscle in iris sensory tunic (retina): consists of 2 layers: o outer pigmented layer : a single cell layer thick; contains phagocytic o inner neural layer: outpocketing of brain; 3 main types of neurons:
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Unformatted text preview: photoreceptors: rods & cones rods: respond to dim light; blurry shades of gray cones: respond to bright light; sharp, color vision bipolar cells: link between photoreceptors & ganglion cells ganglion cells: receive input from bipolar cells & their axons leave eye as optic nerve o blind spot (optic disc): location on retina where the optic nerve exits eye o fovea centralis: only cones present; region of greatest visual acuity Internal Chambers & Fluids: o Posterior segment: posterior to lens; contains vitreous humor o Anterior segment: anterior to lens; composed of anterior chamber (in front of iris) & posterior chamber (between iris & lens) both contain aqueous humor Aqueous humor drains into venous blood through the scleral canal of Schlemm; blocked drainage can cause glaucoma (compression of retina & optic nerve) & eventually blindness page4...
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structure of the eyeball - photoreceptors: rods & cones...

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