Systemic disease and the eyes

Systemic disease and the eyes - • Urethritis •...

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Systemic disease and the eyes This article covers systemic diseases of the eye. Optic neuritis This is inflammation or demyelination of he optic nerve Papillitis if optic nerve head involved Retrobulbar neuritis if optic nerve involved more posteriorly History: Acute visual loss, over a few days then improve Pain on eye movement Preceding history of viral illness Examination: 1. Reduced visual acuity 2. Reduced colour vision 3. Relative afferent pupillary defect 4. Central scotoma on field testing 5. Disc swollen in Papillitis, normal in Retrobulbar neuritis Management: You can use an MRI to exclude demyelinating disease – You must counsel and warn a patient on the possibility of a demyelinating disease before you check for it. You must counsel a patient on the can use steroids to hasten a recovery Reiters and Bechet's disease Reiter’s disease
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Unformatted text preview: • Urethritis • Conjunctivitis • Seronegative arthritis Behcet’s disease • Oral / genital ulceration • Uveitis • +/- arthritis Optic atrophy • Pale Optic discs represents loss of nerve fibres in the nerve head. • Vision is usually reduced. • Relative afferent pupillary defect may also be present. • Causes of pale optic dis include: o Compression of optic nerve – orbital or chiasmal disease o Ischaemic optic neuropathy o Retinal artery / vein occlusion o Glaucoma – disc pathologically cupped o Optic neuritis – previous visual loss / query multiple sclerosis o Inherited optic nerve disease – Leber's optic neuropathy o Inherited retinal disease o Toxic optic neuropathy – heavy metals o Tobacco-alcohol, nutritional – B12 deficiency and cyanide toxicity...
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Systemic disease and the eyes - • Urethritis •...

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