Thalessemia Epidemiology

Thalessemia Epidemiology - The diagnosis of thalassaemia...

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Thalessemia Epidemiology Incidence varies according to the type of thalassaemia:- Beta thalassaemia is common in the broad belt of land that spreads across the Mediterranean areas, parts of North and West Africa, the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent. In some areas, upto 30% of the population carry the affected gene. Alpha thalassaemia has a similar distribution to Beta thalassaemia, but serious forms occur mostly in people living on Mediterranean islands and in South-East Asia. The number of carriers in these areas is due in part to the protective benefit that that thalassaemias have against the parasitic blood borne infection malaria. In recent years, thalassaemia has become increasingly widespread through migration and relationships between individuals from different ethnic backgrounds. Diagnosis
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Unformatted text preview: The diagnosis of thalassaemia depends on the clincal history and examination, combined with blood tests. On examination, the child may appear very pale. If the spleen is enlarged, the abdomen may also be distended. If the illness is not treated, the bones of the skull and hands may also be noticably enlarged. Blood tests reveal:-• Low haemoglobin levels o These may be as low as 2-8g/l o Beta-thalassaemia trait patients may have mild background anaemia or become anaemia at stressful times o WCC and platelets may also be low if the spleen is enlarged Other investigations include:-• Electrophoresis – used to reveal abnormal haemoglobin • Boremarrow biopsy – may show over production of immature RBCs • Post-mortem – carried out in still borne babies to identify the cause of death...
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Thalessemia Epidemiology - The diagnosis of thalassaemia...

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