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The Human Sexual Response

The Human Sexual Response - The Human Sexual Response Male...

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The Human Sexual Response - Male sexual response : o Erection : results from engorgement of erectile bodies in penis with blood During sexual excitement, a parasympathetic reflex releases nitric oxide, which dilates arterioles supplying erectile tissue Corpora cavernosa expand, enlarging & stiffening penis and compressing drainage veins o Ejaculation : propulsion of semen from male duct system sympathetic spinal reflex sends impulses to nerves serving genital organs reproductive ducts & accessory glands contract, emptying contents into urethra bladder sphincter muscle constricts, preventing urine release of reflux of semen into bladder bulbospongiosus muscles of penis undergo series of contractions, propelling semen along urethra - Female Sexual Response o erectile tissue in clitoris & breasts engorge with blood (similar to male response in penis), while increased activity of vestibular glands lubricates vestibule Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs or Venereal Diseases (VDs) : infectious diseases
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