Transfusion reactions

Transfusion reactions - :- plasma can be temporarily used...

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Transfusion reactions: agglutination & hemolysis - following infusion of mismatched blood, agglutination occurs as antibodies complex with the foreign blood group antigens - this blocks blood vessels & hinders blood flow; reduces oxygen availability to tissues, leading to renal failure - treatment involves diluting agents & diuretics - type O - blood is the universal donor - type AB + blood is the universal recipient
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Unformatted text preview: :- plasma can be temporarily used to replace some blood volume when properly typed blood is not immediately available- also, blood volume expanders such as albumin & dextran, which draw fluid into blood, can be used temporarily Diagnostic Blood Tests :- differential white blood cell count: to assess infection- platelet count: used to assess thrombocytopenia- complete blood count (CBC) used routinely to provide counts for all formed elements & tests for clotting factors Page6...
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