Uterus - stratum basalis(basal layer forms new functional...

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Uterus fertilized ovum o o cervix (neck) projects into vagina internal os cervical cancer : caused by certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV) ; can be diagnosed by Pap ( Papanicolau ) smear o mucosa contains mucus-secreting cervical glands o supports of uterus : mesometrium of broad ligament, lateral cervical ligament, o uterine wall : composed of 3 layers: perimetrium : outermost serous layer; visceral peritoneum myometrium : middle smooth muscle layer; contraction of muscle bundles expels baby during childbirth endometrium : mucosal lining of uterine cavity; simple columnar epithelium; site of implantation of embryo for development stratum functionalis (functional layer) : undergoes cyclic changes in response to ovarian hormones; shed during menstruation
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Unformatted text preview: stratum basalis (basal layer) : forms new functional layer after menstruation blood supply : uterine arteries->arcuate arteries(myometrium)->radial branches(endometrium)->straight arteries(basal layer) & spiral (coiled) arteries (functional layer)- Vagina : thin-walled tube between bladder & rectum extending from cervix to body exterior o provides passageway for delivery of baby, for menstrual flow & for delivery of semen (& sperm) to uterine tube o urethra is embedded in anterior wall o wall consists of outer fibroelastic adventitia, smooth muscle muscularis & mucosa of stratified squamous epithelium with ridges (rugae) o cervical mucous glands supply mucus to mucosa; pH of vagina is normally acidic due to metabolism of sugars by resident bacteria (prevents infection) o hymen : incomplete mucosal partition covering vaginal orifice that is normally ruptured during first sexual intercourse page6...
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Uterus - stratum basalis(basal layer forms new functional...

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