veins - veins Thin-walled vessels that carry blood to the...

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veins Thin-walled vessels that carry blood to the heart. Units of the circulatory system that carry blood to the heart. ventilation The mechanics of breathing in and out through the use of the diaphragm and muscles in the wall of the thoracic cavity. ventral Term applied to the lower side of a fish, or to the chest of a land vertebrate. ventricle The chamber of the heart that pumps the blood into the blood vessels that carry it away from the heart. The lower chamber of the heart through which blood leaves the heart. venules The smallest veins. Blood þows into them from the capillary beds. Small veins that connect a vein with capillaries. vernalization ArtiÞcial exposure of seeds or seedlings to cold to enable the plant to þower. vertebrae The segments of the spinal column; separated by disks made of connective tissue (sing.: vertebra). vertebrate Any animal having a segmented vertebral column; members of the subphylum Vertebrata; include reptiles, Þshes, mammals, and birds. vesicles
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