Depositional Landforms

Depositional Landforms - 1. Esker: Steep sided ridge made...

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Depositional Landforms Those formed by unsorted materials: 1. Boulder Clay Plain: A monotonous hummocky plain made of clay and boulders and deposited haphazardly by ice sheets over a surface. 2. Drumlins: Elongated ovoid low hummock made of boulder clay. 3. Terminal Moraine: Ridge like feature made of boulder clay marking the edges of the ice. Those formed by sorted fluvio-glacial materials:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Esker: Steep sided ridge made of gravel and sand. 2. Kame: An irregular shaped mass of stratified material formed as a delta on the surface of a stationery glacier. 3. Outwash: Made of gravel and sand and developed outside of the terminal moraine by melt waters from the ice depositing sorted materials....
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