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Ice Movement Ice may move through one of these three processes: 1. Plastic Flowage: Ice has plastic qualities and may flow en-masse like a viscous liquid 2. Basal Slip: The process through which ice slips and slides over the underlying rock. 3. Internal Shearing : Movement similar to rock faulting involving differential sliding along planes. The speed of ice movement depends on the gradient of the slope and the thickness of the
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Unformatted text preview: ice. Ice Erosion • This involves three processes: 1. Plucking: Parts of the underlying rock are frozen into the base of the ice and pulled away. 2. Glacial Abrasion: The grinding process where stones frozen in the ice scrape and scratch against the underlying rock. 3. Sapping: The breaking of rocks by the alternate freezing and thawing of the ice at the bottom or sides of the mass....
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