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The Urban Field

The Urban Field - • Before the industrial revolution most...

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The Urban Field The Urban field is the region economically and socially linked to a city. It is also referred to as Urban Regions: The commuter villages/communities dependent on large towns Functional Regions: The regions to/from which a city exports and imports. Hinterland: The area served by a seaport The growth of towns and cities The earliest towns were around the Mediterranean Sea. Babylon is the oldest recorded town. Urbanisation was a significant way of life in the Western World by 1AD
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Unformatted text preview: • Before the industrial revolution, most towns were small and mainly commercial centers and seaports. • After the industrial revolution, cities grew very rapidly. • By 1850, there were 2 "million cities"(cities with a population exceeding one million)-London and Paris. • The growth of towns experienced a population explosion in the 1950s. • By 1990, there were 286 "million cities." •...
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