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Le Futur You need to use the future tense any time you mention your plans for a near or not so near future. You have a choice between the immediate future ( Le futur proche ) and the regular future (le futur simple). The future tenses translate what you will do and what you are going to do (immediate). You will use the future to discuss/write about: Tomorrow, e.g., Demain après les cours, j'irai à la bibliothèque. Next weekend, e.g., Samedi soir, nous irons prendre un pot. Next summer, e.g., L'été prochain, je travaillerai dans une banque. Next year, e.g., Après le bac, j'étudierai le droit à la fac. Expressions to use with the future tense Demain matin/midi/après-midi/soir (Tomorrow morning/at noon/afternoon/evening) Après-demain (The day after tomorrow) La semaine prochaine (Next week) Le mois prochain (Next month) En juin prochain (Next June) Dans deux jours (In two days time) Bientôt/Prochainement
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Unformatted text preview: (Soon) • A l'avenir (In the future) • A partir de maintenant (From now on) Le Conditionnel You use the conditionnel generally to express what you would do if the circumstances were different (insert hyperlink to Sequence Of Tenses). You also need it to express: Something doubtful, e.g., On dit qu'il aurait la cinquantaine. Polite request or a wish, e.g., Pourriez-vous m'indiquer la sortie? or J'aimerais beaucoup visiter l'Italie. You will also need this tense to express your wishes about: Next summer, e.g., Après le bac, je voudrais partir en vacances. Next year after the Leaving Cert, e.g., Je voudrais étudier les Lettres à la fac. The verb Devoir in the conditional tense followed by the infinitif can also be used to express what you should or ought to do. For example, Les étudiants ne devraient pas sortir en semaine or Le gouvernement devrait aider les sans-abris....
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