Le Passé Composé

Le - Le Pass Compos This past tense is used to describe completed actions which are over and done with that is actions that happened at a

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Le Passé Composé This past tense is used to describe completed actions, which are over and done with, that is, actions that happened at a particular moment in the past. It also describes actions that happened only once. The passé composé translates into what you did and what you have done. You will need this tense to discuss or write about: Last weekend, e.g., Dimanche dernier, je suis allé(e) au cinema. Last summer, e.g., En juin dernier, j'ai passé deux semaines en France. Yesterday/last night, e.g., Hier soir, j'ai étudié jusqu'à 11 heures. Expressions to use with the passé composé Hier matin/midi/après-midi/soir (Yesterday morning/at noon/afternoon/evening) La semaine dernière (Last week) Le mois dernier (Last month) Lundi dernier (Last Monday) L'été dernier (Last summer) Avant-hier (The day before yesterday) ll y a deux jours (Two days ago) En juin dernier (Last June) L'imparfait The imperfect tense is used to describe continuous actions in the past, habitual or repeated
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