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STANDARDS - and with different definitions for the classes...

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STANDARDS standards may be set to assure uniformity o within a single data set o across data sets o e.g. uniform information about timber types throughout the database allows better fire fighting methods to be used, or better control of insect infestations data capture should be undertaken in standardized ways that will assure the widest possible use of the information Sharing data it is not uncommon for as many as three agencies to create databases with, ostensibly, the same information o e.g. a planning agency may map landuse, including a forested class o e.g. the state department of forestry also maps forests o e.g. the wildlife division of the department of conservation maps habitat, which includes fields and forest each may digitize their forest class onto different GIS systems, using different protocols,
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Unformatted text preview: and with different definitions for the classes of forest cover • this is a waste of time and money • sharing information gives it added value • sharing basic formats with other information providers, such as a department of transportation, might make marketing the database more profitable Agency standards • state and national agencies have set standards for certain environmental data o the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) has adopted the "seventh approximation"as the national taxonomy o the US Geological Survey has set standards for landuse, transportation, and hydrography that are used as guidelines in many states o forest inventories are not standardized; agencies may use different systems while managing a contiguous region of forest land • Unit 69 covers standards for GIS in greater depth...
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  • Geographic information system, Soil Conservation Service, e.g. uniform information, different GIS systems, certain environmental data

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