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Tenses This is an important section in terms of improving your writing technique. It will not teach you how to form the different tenses, but more importantly it will teach you when to use them and in which context. The tenses covered in this section are the five basic tenses required for both higher and ordinary levels: Le présent, Le passé compose, L'imparfait, Le future, Le conditionnel Le Présent You need a comprehensive knowledge of the present tense to discuss or write about any kind of action or state what is happening at the present moment. This includes: General feelings and opinions about different issues, e.g., Je pense que/je crois que/je suis d'avis que… Actions that happen on a regular basis as part of your daily routine, weekend activities, current hobbies, etc., e.g., Chaque dimanche, je fais la grasse matinée or Le matin, je me lève à sept heures or J'aime le sport. Je joue au foot. Je m'entraîne le lundi soir.
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