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Vowels Some vowels in French have multiple pronunciations determined by specific linguistic rules, letter combinations, and/or accent marks, as shown in Table 1 . You can always find exceptions, however, so when in doubt, consult a dictionary. In addition, expect sounds that are unfamiliar when vowels appear in combinations. TABLE 1 Vowels and their Sounds Vowel Sound a, à, â ah as in m a e , final er and ez, es in some one-syllable words, some ai and et combinations ay as in d ay e in one syllable words or in the middle of a word
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Unformatted text preview: followed by one consonant uh as in th e è, ê , and e (plus two consonants or a final pronounced consonant), et, ei, ai eh as in g e t i, î, y, ui i as in magaz i ne ill or il when preceded by a vowel y as in y ou o (before se ) o (last pronounced sound of word) ô, au, eau o as in g o o when followed by a pronounced consonant other than s oh as in l o ve ou, où, oû oo as in b oo t oy, oi wah as in w atch u, ù, û no English equivalent – try saying ew with lips rounded....
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