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1 Equations you must know for Exam 2 on Nov.10, 2011. Exam 2 covers the material from page 87, Chapter 4.1 to page 147, Chapter 5.5 Equilibrium problem (moving with v=0 or v=const.) = 0 x F and = 0 y F Normal friction F F µ = No equilibrium problem = x x ma F and = y y ma F Dynamics of Uniform Circular Motion Relation between velocity and period of circular motion: 2 1 v, r fv TT π = = Centripetal acceleration 2 v c a r = Centripetal Force 2 2 v2 c mmr F r rT  = =   Gravitational Force 2 2 1 r m m G F G = Relation between the velocity and radius of a satellite in circular orbit around a planet “P”. v P GM r = Period of a satellite orbiting around planet “P”(Kepler’s third law both for circular and elliptical orbits. Arrived at via observations in 1619)
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Exam_2._Equations_must_be_known_Fall_2011. - Equations you...

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