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Experiment 6 Scanning Spectrometer Introduction This week's lab has three parts. In the first part the spectrometer is calibrated by using the hydrogen spectrum as a wavelength standard . In the second part, you will measure the spectrum of “white” light from a tungsten lamp. In the last part you will again measure the sodium doublet splitting. 1. Helium Spectrum Procedure The scanning spectrometer is made up of a collimator, prism, lens, and a scanning detector. The spectrometer is the same one you have been using. Light enters the slits on the collimator and then travels through the prism. A lens is placed next to the prism to focus the light as it comes out of the prism. In the focal plane of the lens, we have a photodiode which can be driven by a motor. The lens and diode are free standing and it takes quite a long time to focus the lens on the diode. If the lens or diode is moved, it would cost a lot of time, so be careful. DO NOT try to adjust any part of this apparatus . Everything should already be adjusted when you come to lab. The signal from the photodiode is sent to the lab computer. In this part, you will scan the helium spectrum. This is done so that you may calculate the wavelength of light from an unknown source. The helium lamp is set up so that light from the source is focused onto the slit of the collimator. There is also a beam splitter in front of the slits which reflects light from a laser into the collimator. The laser light will be our wavelength reference for the rest of the lab. All points in the spectrum will be measured by finding their relative distances from the laser line. First, the angle of incidence of light from the collimator to the first surface of the prism must be
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Experiment_6 - Experiment 6 Scanning Spectrometer...

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