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HW1 - and c a free proton having a kinetic energy of 200 eV...

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PHYSICS 460 Problem Set 1 Due in class Thursday, September 1, 2011 Read all of Chapter 1 in Griffiths. 1. (5 points) A 150 keV photon collides with an electron initially at rest. The photon is observed to scatter at 90 degrees in the electron rest frame. What are the kinetic energies of the electron and photon after the scattering? 2. (5 points) Calculate the de Broglie wavelength of: a) a mass of 100 kg moving at 1 meter per second, b) a free electron having a kinetic energy of 200 eV,
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Unformatted text preview: and c) a free proton having a kinetic energy of 200 eV. 3. (10 points) In a photoelectric effect experiment in which monochromatic light of wave-length, λ , falls on a potassium surface, it is found the stopping potential is 1 . 91 V for λ = 3000 ˚ A and 0 . 88 V for λ = 4000 ˚ A. For these data, calcu-late: a) Planck’s constant using e = 1 . 69 × 10-19 C, b) the work function, W, for potassium, and c) the threshold frequency, ν T for potassium....
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