Syll2011Phys344 - Physics 344 Foundations of 21st Century...

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Physics 344 – Foundations of 21 st Century Physics: Relativistic and Quantum Systems Fall 2011 Lectures: MWF 2:30 PM Room 203 in PHYS Recitation: T 1:30 or 2:30 as assigned by the Registrar Room 238 in PHYS Instructor: Dr. Mark Haugan [email protected] Room 282 in PHYS TA: Dan Hartzler [email protected] Room 7 in PHYS Grader: Fan Chen [email protected] Room 222 in PHYS Office Hrs: Just email us to make appointments. We enjoy talking about physics! Web page: Go to Select Phys 344 in the “Current” drop-down box on the left Press “Go” The courses PHYS 172(H) and 272(H) that you likely took last year touched on the subjects of relativity and quantum mechanics. This course will help you to develop a deeper understanding of these subjects, something needed in later physics courses and for work in many fields of contemporary physics research and technology. Since this course builds on PHYS 172(H) and 272(H) we will occasionally refer to the textbooks you used in those courses. If you no longer have those texts, a few copies will be available on reserve in the physics library. Specifically for this course you will need the following items: Textbooks: Six Ideas That Shaped Physics: Unit R, 2nd Ed. The Laws of Physics are Frame Independent by T. Moore (McGraw-Hill) Six Ideas That Shaped Physics: Unit Q, 2nd Ed. Particles Behave Like Waves by T. Moore (McGraw-Hill) Optional Textbook: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, 2 nd Edition by D.J. Griffiths (Benjamin Cummings) This is the textbook you will use in Physics 460 and 461. iClicker: The iClicker that you used in Phys 172(H) and 272(H) will work fine, and you do not need to register it on-line again or pay a fee to use it in this course. If you do not already have an iClicker, you can purchase one at one of the local bookstores.
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Course Guidelines Relativity and quantum mechanics are challenging subjects. After all, they are among humans’ greatest intellectual achievements! To help you learn them we have scheduled an activity each day of the work week this semester, Lecture sessions MWF will be used to discuss relativistic and quantum mechanical
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Syll2011Phys344 - Physics 344 Foundations of 21st Century...

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