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83 Less prevalent than Major Depressive Disorder = .1% of older adults Related to vascular disorders when it first appears in later adulthood White matter hyperintensities are more likely to be present Anxiety disorders Anxiety disorders often fail to be properly diagnosed in older adults. Bipolar disorder Increased risk for depression associated
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Unformatted text preview: with: Obesity Ulcers Diabetes Heart disease Asthma Back/neck pain Hypertension Chronic headache Arthritis Multiple pains (Scott et al., 2007) Poor fitness level (Galper et al., 2006) Tooth loss (Persson et al, 2003) Hip fracture (Lenze et al., 2007) Vitamin D deficiency (Wilkins et al, 2006) Urinary incontinence in spouse (Fultz et al., 2005)...
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