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82 Mental Health Key Lecture Points: Major Axis I disorders Major Axis II disorders Suicide Elder abuse Treatment issues Major psychiatric reference manual for diagnosis 5 axes on which symptoms of disorders are organized Not specific to older adults PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS IN ADULTHOOD Major Axis I disorders in adulthood Mood disorders Population measure Statistics One-year incidence (SAMHSA) 4% in 55 and older
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Unformatted text preview: Cumulative lifetime prevalence 14% in 60 and older Symptoms in community older adults 8 to 20% Symptoms in primary care settings 17-35% Suicidality (among those with MDD) 7.3% made plans, 3.9% attempted in 55 and older Older adults are less likely to report mood symptoms and more likely to report somatic or other symptoms. The DSM-IV-TR Frequency of Major Depressive Disorder and depressive symptoms...
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