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ph law ethics 9.7 - health Ex poor housing leads to poor...

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Public Health Law & Ethics 9/7/11 Societal obligation comes from “social contract”, so that certain needs/conditions can be made available to people who can not provide for it themselves o Society tends to come together in its own self-interest o Centripetal- society overwhelms the individual; seeks its own best interests at the cost of the individual’s interests Ex: communism, mandatory vaccinations When is it justified for society to impose its own will on individuals? o Centrifugal- individual is trying to flee society To what extent should public health be involved within issues such as homelessness and discrimination? o Racial, educational discrimination o Some would say these issues are inappropriate and a distraction from dealing with real public health issues o Others would say that these issues greatly contribute to problems within public
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Unformatted text preview: health Ex: poor housing leads to poor health • Public health is not done by only public health officials, but involves members of society as collaborators o Individuals are limited in what they can do to have factors that are conducive in public health Social contract convinces individuals to allow their own freedoms to be compromised, for the betterment of the rest of society o No one society or nation is able to completely keep their own integrity intact Ex: AIDS epidemic; reason why organizations like WHO exist o Because public health focuses on populations instead of individuals, some groups (ex: subpopulations, minorities) are forced to give up more of their personal rights than the rest of society...
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