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Public Health Law & Ethics 9/21/11 Which of two focuses risks losing or gaining public/political support: immediate risk factors for injury and disease or more distant risk factors for injury and disease? o “distant” includes poor housing, socioeconomic status, education o Broad focus: economic redistribution/social restructuring/advocacy Distribution of wealth within country is more critical than actual amount of wealth within country (ex: infant mortality rate is highest in U.S., mainly due to premature births/low birth weight after lack of adequate pre- natal care) Restructuring resources of a community
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Unformatted text preview: o Narrow focus: reliance on science, research, credibility derived from their objectivity • Statute law- comes from Congress at state legislature • Common law- court cases; holdings lead to precedent • Public health law definition contradicts itself in describing state’s duty to assure healthy conditions for people while having limitations on the power to constrain autonomy • Public health core concepts: o Population-based intervention- basis for intervention is population, not individual • Ethics- that which is normative (justified; the norm) for human beings acting as human beings o...
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