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ph law ethics 10.12 - Risk probability(not certainty...

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Public Health Law & Ethics 10/12/11 (OH: Bloustein School 533 W 2:45-5:15) MIDTERM: 2 hours, closed book, must respond to 3 out of 4 questions Essay questions: quotation from one of the readings or presentations (for orientation/context), and question o Ex: “In light of the Due Process law, how would you have decided Joshua’s case?” o Show that you understand quotation and its context (details of case, key concepts) o Make an argument, not just facts Due Process Clause- meant to protect citizens from an overarching government Differences between public health and traditional healthcare o Sick populations vs. sick individuals o Not looking at a patient diagnosed with a disease, rather is looking at a population that may be a risk from a particular disease Looking at level of risk o Public health does not have as much of a level of certainty as traditional healthcare does
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Unformatted text preview: Risk- probability (not certainty), likelihood of something occurring whether it is good or bad o Fields share issue of prevention, but on different scales Public health works off of reports that are sent back by physicians, to notice incidence of conditions • Case-control model: one set of population with disease that is being studied, one control population that does not have disease o To compare similarities and differences • Cohort model: looking for changes over a period of time within a particular population • Public health is looking for relationships between risk factors and outcomes o Etiology- study of the causes of a disease, how it comes about o Environmental factors can be closely linked to causes of diseases o Example of public health and physicians at the river (keeping patients from falling in vs. pulling them out)...
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