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Italian 230 10/4 For the Exam: - review all that we have talked about and read - Part A: respond in Italian to an essay question. Address big issues. Historical context and literary references. - Part B: definitions, names of famous people, translate a phrase into English, films, etc. Answer 10 out of 15 questions. - Study the history of Italy, in particular 1860 – 1900 - Economic situation - Briganti - Questione meridionale - Serao - People: Garibaldi, Matcini, Cavour - Unita (la storia e represatazione nel film 1860) - Cultura - De Amicis, Collodi, Artusi - Storia: 1900 – 1960 - Fascismo and Mussolini - Futurism and Mannetti Artusci – Forlimpopoli - un criminale famoso entered nella sua casa scared his younger sister - Forlimpopoli brought a type of food from (or to) Firenze. Specific kind of food. - Una persona Borghese and a person of culture that writes novels or critical pieces - The importance of hygine. This is qhy you shouldn’t marry your cousin. Pellagra
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Unformatted text preview: pegata alla rizzo.-Wrote very bad novels (Almanazcchi, I think). He wrote romani because no one would read scientific books. They were the only way people would learn of his ideas.-Scientific books only appeal to your grain, romanzi appeal to the whole reader. Cuore = testa-Good to have an emotional level in a novel but not too much-Artusi wrote la scienza della cucina-Intro – talks about how important hygiene is, you need to open the windows, go for a walk-Artusi is a part of the Borghese. Donne Italiane Borghese is his ideal reader-De Amicis ginnestica, salute e importante-They divided the women into two parts, from the waist up and waist down-Donna: corpo – natura-- societa (took on the role as mother, that was her only job)-women don’t use their brain. They were supposed to be like a swimming pool-if the woman is hysterical she will have weak, hysterical children...
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