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Italian 230 9/29 - after WWII Italy had a civil war - reviste di moda di film, gossip magazines have fotoromanzo - the Catholic Church does not support fotoromanzo - left politicians are against it because it seems like fables - the ideal readers are housewives. Simple words and ideas. - Some parents do not want their children to read them at all - In the 1980’s Italian women started watching telenovelas and soap operas - Many of the fotoromanze actors are also in movies and TU - 1950s was a huge market for cine romanze the cinema of the poor Pinocchio - Carlo Lorencini wrote Pinocchio in 1883 - Collodi - Very famous, bestseller - Cuore is an important, significant, dense book. It is written as a journal of a third grader. It reads like a short story. Pinocchio on the other hand is different.
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Unformatted text preview: It’s not so dense, more fun. Pinocchio does not respect his family and is a bad kid. As punishment, he becomes a donkey. Colloid gives value to family and school in society. One message is to integrate yourself in society with family and school.-It was a chapter book and it was published one chapter at a time.-It was youth literature in textbooks for elementary school-Il naso = un bambino cattivo, this was a creative idea-The real story is not as nice as the Disney version-Italy was poor and ugly. Not much to eat.-The Disney version is not true to the Italian version.-In Italian Pinocchio switched back between boy and puppet....
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