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Italian 230 9.27 - -A teacher is like a second mother to...

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Italian 230 9/27 - Serao – wrote ‘Ventre di Napoli’ - De Amicis – famous for his novel Cuore (1886) o Come fare gli itlaliani/l’Italia? L’ideologia? - Valozi Italia patria, famiglia (family is a mini society (microcosmo)) - Mamma = angelo del focolare domestico = ‘angel of the house’, she protects the home - Suola is another microcosm, you learn how to be a citizen, the language of Italy, and you play sports l’educazione fisica - Rechitici = a malnourished child - Italy is a strong nation (corpo sano) made up by strong ragazzi - School and sport was a way to create this mentality and appearance - L’idioma gentile: talking to different people and examining the language of Italian - Senorinna = madre, d’educatrice, di consigliera
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Unformatted text preview: -A teacher is like a second mother to her students-The mother is also a teacher, a teacher is also a mother.-It is a mistake in Italina grammar to have an ugly word-Learn Italian and you will be beautiful Il primo giorno di scola-it is difficult for him to get a new teacher because his teacher and class last year felt like a family-there is a comparison made between the school and a theatre-there are a lot of people-the school welcomes people from everywhere Il ragazzo calabrese-il ragazzo calabrese e un sterotipico. E nero, scuro-this school welcomes foreigners but at the same tiem the calabrian is focused on and paid more attention to.-Comizio = public political speech for elections...
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