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Italian 230 9/8 Office hours: Thursday 11 – 12:15 Office: 744 3 exams, all in class - cultura ha caratteristiche sociali - cultura e arte - para = around - para-letteratura = kind of literature - fotoromanzo = un phenomenon culturale solo di Italia o A book that tells a love story through pictures, not real - Benedicto coroc, 1866 – 1952, culture is made through intellectuale, culture
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Unformatted text preview: begins with intellectual history-Antoni Gramsci, 1937, culture is within the people and society-In the 20 th century a lot of writers contributed to the Italian culture (ex: Moravia Pasolini)-Nazione nazionalismo I gruppo/I razza/ I cultura o Storia narrativa o Creare simboli (ex: una bandera) o Spazio connotata-Brigantaggio outlaws, 1861...
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