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Italian 230 notes - What are the characteristics of neorealism-constumi-luce-la lingua-futuro Musolini did not allow for dialects He wanted a

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Italian 230 notes Images of the South: - no one could think of positives in the South - Miti – al passato il Sud ha aveto una cultura ricca. Ha aveto money - 1946 – the Italian Republic was founded - Nel raccontino (storytelling) dell’ Italian, la Sud non existono Il Ventre di Napoli: - the belly/interior of Napoli - the author is a very good journalist - she is talking to a person but also the readers - we have to enter into the belly of Naples
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Unformatted text preview: What are the characteristics of neorealism?-constumi-luce-la lingua-futuro Musolini did not allow for dialects. He wanted a unified Italian that spoke one language. In Italian classrooms it is very common to have a painting of Garibaldi on a horse. Not really any more. Garibaldi is an inspiration. The people were also heroes but he was the reason they were able to achieve what they did....
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