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Italian 230 10/11 - What happened at the beginning gof the 19 th c? o Moti (1848), aristocrazie, primo guerra d’Indipendenza o Restore Vienna o Reforms o In 1820 the corbonari (rebels, a secret association) fought for Italain unity. They organized I moti and the protests. - Important names for il Risorgimento: Garibaldi, Cavour (the king of Sardenia, 1 st prime minister of Italy, agreed to the unification) - the States of Vittorio Emanuele II represents the ideal constitution and Italy - Mazzini, una spedizione di pisacane - 1861, unification of Italy - What are the problems with a unified Italy? o Come fare una cultura nazionale o Questazione della lingua o 75% non possono leggere l’alphabetismo o school helped solve this problem o they learned to read and write from newspapers, encyclopedias, manuals, and dictionaries o all Italian men had to serve in the military (everyone had to be able to speak the same language) o the train made it easy to transport to new cities, where you needed to know
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