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Yuri Andrade Sylvester [email protected] ENGRI 111 – Nanotechnology September 17, 2004 HOMEWORK #2 1a) Silver appears silvery because incident radiation form the excited electrons having frequencies within the visible range is absorbed, and then reemitted. Most of this absorbed radiation is emitted from the surface in the form of visible light. The perceived color of the visible light is determined by the wave length of the radiation that is reflected and not reemitted. So the bright silvery appearance of silver indicates that the metal is
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Unformatted text preview: highly reflective over the entire range of the visible spectrum. 1b) Gold appears yellow because some of the energy associated with the light photons having short wavelengths is not reemitted as visible light (such as blue and violet). 1c) One would expect to see blue light from the other end because gold has a band gap of 2.6eV, and it transmits and reflects colors with low frequencies, and absorbes...
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