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10.18.04 - 7 Relations Cont, Section 5

10.18.04 - 7 Relations Cont, Section 5 - 7 Relations...

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7 Relations represent forms of judgment. When the pool stick hits the ball, the ball moves. Does the pool cue cause the ball to move? Hume would say that if you do not have a clear idea of a necessary connection in your head, then there is not a necessary connection. If we drop an object, we cannot perceive a connection between us releasing the object, and it falling, therefore it does not exist. In Part III – Section V Hume talks about how we come to place confidence in impressions and ideas. He focuses on the FORCE and VIVACITY of the perceptions. Ideas of MEMORY have FORCE and VIVACITY Ideas of IMAGINATION do not Hume says we cannot rearrange our memory and believe what we want to. If we forget things, they have lost their vivacity and are in the imagination. Now since all ideas are separable from one another, he concludes we cannot INFER one idea from another. For instance, if we see smoke, according to Hume, we can not infer that there is a fire.
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