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Hanifa Ayunisa EN 190 Professor Thomas November 9, 2011 The Stick Up Describe the setting: The stick up happens during lunchtime in summer season. It takes a place at the park because the author describes about how he likes the shining green trees, grass, and bushes. The reader likes the place because of the summer season; it gives the sense of relaxing. Also, the reader mentions that there is the warm yellow sunlight sifting down through the trees. So that is a really nice day to go outside. For the specific, this story takes place in Central Park, New York because it mentions there is a double decker in Fifth Avenue. Furthermore, this story probably happens in 60’s because there is still some kind of discrimination that African Americans have to face. In here, there is also a drastic changing of emotion from happiness to fright to sheer disgust. What effect does the narrator have on this story? In this story, the author writes the story based on the effect of irony through the first person point of view. The author puts the values into words to convey the meaning of irony in this story. According to the author, he tells the readers how ironic life of some American men are. He says that life is so ironic because there are some white men who are seeking out for help of an African American instead of one from their own race. For
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example, there is a white man who asks for four cents for the price of a drink to an African American man. In general, life is just unpredictable, and sometimes it is incredibly frustrating just like what is happening in this story. The author’s mood shifts drastically from happiness to sheer disgust. In this story, the author uses first person point of view to make the readers get the
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the stick up - Hanifa Ayunisa EN 190 Professor Thomas...

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