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11.1.04 - Overview

11.1.04 - Overview - Reason is utilized as a means to...

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Final Exam question: Write a dialogue between Descartes, Hume, and Gallinger on the role of questioning your assumptions. You can have William James as your moderator. Hume has been looking at Natural Philosophy, and will eventually look at Moral Philosophy. Not only are the principals of reasoning so flawed and limited, but furthermore, they cannot get us to act in any way. Emphasizes that there are no philosophical theories that give good results. They’re all flawed. If we had to act only on the influence of reason, we would get ourselves into a great deal of trouble. Thinking will not get us anywhere, but nevertheless, we do act. We are creatures of nature, we get angry happy, etc, these characteristics are more important than reasoning. Reasoning thinks us into a hold. Our natural way of being allows us to walk through the door, continue on. Our passions are what make us do what we do. Reason is and ought to be, a slave of the passions.
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Unformatted text preview: Reason is utilized as a means to determine what will be the best way to get what we want. Robots could not be human for Hume if they do not have emotions. Hume’s Treatise, an Overview 1. On the assumption that Knowledge is the result of Judgments about the Philosophical relations between ideas – We can have no knowledge of: a. Cause b. Necessity c. The uniformity of nature d. The soul e. The self 2. Because we do not have an idea derived from an impression of any of these concepts. 3. What do we do? 4. Remember Hume’s two tracks: a. Philosophical – a discussion of how much we can expect from reason alone. b. Natural – an appeal to the natural proclivities of human beings 5. Thus we naturally assume that nature is regular based on our experience. 6. We naturally assume that there is unity to the self because we need that sense of continuity to survive. 7. Is Hume’s appeal to the power of nature justified?...
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