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Bacchae o Evolution of Character? Aeschylus shows characters "better " than we are Sophocles As we are (or wish to be) Euripides "worse" than we are o Euripides Bacchae Produced after his death 406 BC Pelopnnesian wars Athens vs Sparta Going on since 431 BC Chronicles the god Dionysus' return to Thebes and the violent actions that ensue when he is not properly honored o Before in the time of Thebes before Oedipus o Dionysus God of wine Good and bad Outdoorsy God of drama Does wine/ Dionysus make you do things Released by him
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Unformatted text preview: Made to do things by him • Associated with fertility (paralells Persephone) Yearly agricultural cycle Wine • Force you to do things? • Make you more free to do what you really want? • Special connection to Greek tragedy • Dionysus often given a foreign origin by the Greeks Asia Minor • East • Luxury • Feminin • Strange • Contrasted with his Half Borther Dionysus Apollo Irrational Rational Excess Moderation Emotion Intellect Abandonment Discipline...
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