bachae 2 - Teiresias His role? Gender/ Cross dressing...

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On Apollo at Delphi "Know thyself" o Dionysus Born from zeus and Semele Princess of Thebes Dionysus came out of thrigh thigh was erotic Paternity and Identity Is he a god? What it means to worship him Should he be? How should he be? Key Themes o Recognition Why is he not recognized as a god? What are the consequesnces o Role of the state/King What kind og king is Pentheus Compared to other Theban Kings Pentheus "self knowledge" Does his failures emerge from an unwillingness to see other sides of himself Why is he so mad at the ppl who worship Dionysus? Notice the language of binding/changing throughout He does not know himself
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Unformatted text preview: Teiresias His role? Gender/ Cross dressing Limits and yielding (compare with Antigone) Pantheus Genealogy o Pg 521 o Related (first cousins to Dionysus) o Actaeon; Pentheus receives power from his grandfather Cadmus the founder of Thebes o Chorus Band of foreign women Asia Minor Worship Dionysus Contrast their role to the Theban women who are forced to worship Dionysus as punishment Opening Speech o Return from East o Semele Story of how he was born o Aunts gossip Dont believe Zeus is Dionysus father Punishes them Line 28 o Rouse into a new awareness...
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bachae 2 - Teiresias His role? Gender/ Cross dressing...

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