Bachae 4 - o Dio talks in the 3rd person a bit o Dio...

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o Everyone else is sick p534 Pantheus enters How Wild he looks! Doubts Dionysus as a god He arrests some of the women o The rest will be hunted Arrival of some1 who says he's Dionysus Blames teirsias o Acuses him of using this Role of city o Keep women in line Teiresias o Do not mistake the rule of force for true power. Men are not shaped by force p537 Cadmus o Who cares if the story is true o It gives us power o He is part of their family Orders T's home to bedestroyed He wants this stranger (Dionysus) found and bound o "effeminate stranger" Pantheus- means greif Dialogue o Pantheus and Dio 3 parts Inversion of roles Collapse into eachother o Camus and Agave o Pan and Dio 1 o Starts interrogating the stranger o Pan is drawn to Dio as handsom/tempting
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Unformatted text preview: o Dio talks in the 3rd person a bit o Dio accuses Pan as a lack of self awareness • Son of Echion and Agave Do not boast of that it will spell doom • Pan and Dio 2 o Dio tempts Pan with seeing; • Encourages him to cross dress • P555-557 • Pan and Dio3 o Dio instructs Pan's performance; begin to interrupt one another- collapse of boundary between (559-562) • Pan's fragmented speechp561 • Messenger: • Pan is ripped apart by the women o He is in disguise • Agave and Cadmus • She must recognize herself and what she has done o At what cost o Is she responsible? • Cadmus brings her to consciousness and ego iteration (but notice the language of fracturing) p572...
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Bachae 4 - o Dio talks in the 3rd person a bit o Dio...

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