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bls 2 - A 2-207 Additional/Different Terms in Acceptance...

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Has to be a contract that involves the sale of a good (i.e. personal property; tangible) Offeror must be a merchant – manufacturer, retailer, etc. Must be a written, signed offer by the offeror or by offeror’s agent Must indicate that offer is irrevocable or for time period Rejection – Offeree rejects; as soon as rejection occurs, it immediately kills offer Watch for counter offers or mere inquiries  DEATH – death of either party will terminate the offer (common law) Insanity – insanity by either party Destruction of the subject matter Acceptance phase – offeree accepts Mirror image rule; if terms are perfectly the same, you have a contract If not a perfect match, it’s a counter offer! (any new or additional terms)
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Unformatted text preview: A. 2-207 Additional/Different Terms in Acceptance Battle of the forms! Krumply paper! Tells you who’s terms occur When neither party is a merchant or when only 1 is a merchant… Offeror terms control ; offeree is only a proposals to be accepted or rejected by the offeror If offeree says “my terms and only my terms control” in a clause, it becomes a counter offer When both parties are both merchants (manufacturers or retails) Offeree terms control ; Exceptions: Unless new terms have a material alteration Unless offeror puts the phrase “my terms and only my terms control”...
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