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bls 5 - If minor misrepresents her age and shows id that...

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she could still get money when company stopped because company made a promise  and knew woman would have a change in position by going back home” If court concludes that there was an unforeseen difficulty, e.g. hitting a rock from digging  in a neighborhood to put in a pool and needs more money, perfectly reasonable 3. Capacity (very important concept that some are totally unaware of) 3 groups that lack capacity to enter into a valid contract: Minors or infants – (voidable at the election of the minor; i.e. buys a car for $5,000,  drives it for 8 months, wrecks car and doesn’t want car anymore, the minor must return  car and IS allowed to set contract aside and get the original $5,000 back) Minors can disaffirm contract anytime before reaching the age of 18 or a reasonable  time thereafter Minors can ratify the contract anytime after reaching 18 or a reasonable time thereafter
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Unformatted text preview: If minor misrepresents her age and shows id that she’s 35, can still avoid the contract, but needs to also make adult whole and return adult to status quo; Necessaries or necessities Anything required to live; food, clothing, shelter, etc. Still voidable by the election of the minor General rule: if it’s a necessity, are required to pay a fair value(under quasi contractual theory) if you can’t restore it to original condition Insane people Un-adjudicated (the walking insane) If you enter into a contract, the agreement is voidable by election of the insane person by the time they’re no longer insane or a reasonable time thereafter Liable to make sure the other side is restored to their status quo Can ratify after no longer insane (similar to minor’s rule)...
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