Bls 6 - theory if you can’t restore it to original condition(also same as minor’s rule 4 Lawful purpose(Contract must be legal Courts will not

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Adjudicated (those who have been brought before a judge and determined that you’re  insane) If you enter into a contract, agreement is  void  (big difference) Necessaries or necessities General rule:if it’s a necessity, are required to pay a fair value (under quasi contractual  theory) if you can’t restore it to original condition (also same as minor’s rule) Intoxicated people E.g. Matt Bronoske (habitual drunk) If you enter a contract, but still understand what you’re doing, that contract is  valid If you can convince court that you were so intoxicated and didn’t understand what was  going on, contract is voidable at election of the drunk Can ratify once sober Necessaries or necessities General rule: if it’s a necessity, are required to pay a fair value (under quasi contractual 
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Unformatted text preview: theory) if you can’t restore it to original condition (also same as minor’s rule) 4. Lawful purpose (Contract must be legal) Courts will not come to the aid of either party If parties are not in pari delicto (in equal fault) If part of the contract is legal and part is illegal and both parts can’t be determined as separate, whole contract is void For two reasons: Violates statues Against public interest Gambling If it requires skill, it’s not gambling Must give consideration (give something in return) Sunday sales It used to be illegal to enter into contracts on Sundays? Very, very few stores would be open...
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