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Exculpatory clauses Clauses put in to try to escape from liability General rule: you can’t waive away your negligence e.g. Having someone sign a paper  before getting a ride that says if you get in a wreck, they can’t sue you for negligence Reality of Consent Knowingly (voluntarily) give their consent, then contract can be void No binding contract without the real consent of the parties Consent can be vitiated by 4 things: Duress Sign contract b/c you’re threatened by physical violence = void Sign contract b/c you’re threatened economically = voidable
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Unformatted text preview: Undue influence one person taking advantage of a position of power over another person if undue influence by fraud then it’s voidable Mistake Oops? Mistake of fact, not mistake of value 2 types: Unilateral mistake – e.g. mathematical error Bilateral mistake Mutual mistake of fact – agreement is voidable by either party Fraud Fraud in the inducement (voidable) – 4 elements Must be misrepresentation of material fact Is it fact? Innocent misrepresentation (voidable by rescission) Gen. rule – Silence is not fraud Intent to deceive...
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