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Justifiable reliance If no way of really knowing, then it is Damage or harm ^^^If all 4 met, then 2 remedies Can sue for rescission of contract Get back all money Can sue for damages done Can recover for damages done Fraud in execution (void) Cause someone to enter into contract w/o them knowing Statute of frauds and perjury If your contract is one of the types of contracts that are included it must be in writing to  be enforceable If not in writing, it’s valid, but not enforceable Executed contract? 5 types of contracts that are within the statute of frauds  Common Law Promise in consideration of marriage (remember, must be in writing)
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Unformatted text preview: anti heart balm Contract that cannot be performed within 1 year Determine that the contract can be successfully completed within 1 year Sale of land (must be in writing unless less than 1 year in OH) Or interest therein (like in land or something) Part performance? 3 requirements must be met for this to apply and take this out of statute of frauds payment; partial or full buyer must take possession improvements by the buyer Promise to pay the debt of another Has to be in writing, secondary or collateral...
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